Make Your Own Aquarium

A custom aquarium tank gives you all the flexibility you need to create the most amazing focal point imaginable. We can create a setup that’s custom-made to suit your space’s dimensions, creating a polished and high-end look that will impress. Whether you want to add a built-in aquarium to your home or business, our experts will walk you through all the decisions you’ll need to make. You have the vision—we have the experience. We’ll help you bring your perfect aquarium to life.

The things we do best


We use thicker stronger premium low iron glass for our aquariums. We also bevel and polish every edge of each pane of glass, even the edges hidden by the frame.

We use glass over acrylic for its scratch resistance, strength, and resistance to chemicals and yellowing.


The aquarium stand is made of premium aluminum frame. The frame is stronger than plastic or euro bracing.

Our frame will never rust, corrode, or become brittle from salt and light exposure. It is the strongest most advanced frame on the market.


You are allowed to change the background at back and bottom without removing anything from your aquarium or moving down fish tank from stand. It avoids any damages on your aquarium.

You can design your own background. If you change your mind, you can easily change the background anythime.


Aquariums are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Glass fish tanks are most often rectangular in shape, but do come in hexagons, bow-front rectangles, and cylinders.

We have professional glass bending machines and skilled experts. Glass is much more easily formed into different shapes, so glass aquariums come in a much wider variety of shapes. The variety of production shapes of our glass aquariums is astounding, and the variety of custom shapes in glass fish tanks boggles the mind.

Let's start with your new aquarium